Life is to be lived, not controlled.

Our perspective is the way we see something. Perspective is how we view different aspects of our lives. Perspective is something we have complete control over. I have come to learn that our outlook on life plays a significant role into our everyday happiness and well-being overall.

We have the opportunity to turn every single excuse we create into a reason to pursue our passions. Regardless of what that may entail from person to person, we have the power to fix our unhappiness. We have the power to make our lives something to be proud of.

Life should not be controlled by a job, education, people’s opinions, money, fear, uncertainty of the future, or anything else that stops you from saying yes to enjoying what is right in front of you.

Life becomes more meaningful when you realize that in the simplest form, you will NEVER get to live the same moment twice. Take advantage of today, tomorrow is never guaranteed.

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