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Reflection The motif I created is visually intended to represent my personal motto of having “Deep Roots”. The importance of this phrase is to constantly remind me to keep my character accountable. Deep roots imply that I am deeply grounded and secure with not only my life in general, but specifically myself, my happiness, and […]


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Reflection The essential objective of this project was to properly display the 6 gestalt principles only using 6 circles or less. The 6 principles were continuity, closure, containment, grouping, repetition, and proximity. What was important about this objective was that each corresponding principle had to be the most prominent principle in that square, regardless of […]


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Reflection Compositional balance explores the placement of different elements in relation to each other. When a composition is more balanced, it is visually stable and pleasing to look at which makes this fundamental to making art. The concept of understanding when an artwork is balanced or not can determine if it is successful or needs […]


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Life is to be lived, not controlled. Our perspective is the way we see something. Perspective is how we view different aspects of our lives. Perspective is something we have complete control over. I have come to learn that our outlook on life plays a significant role into our everyday happiness and well-being overall. We […]