The motif I created is visually intended to represent my personal motto of having “Deep Roots”. The importance of this phrase is to constantly remind me to keep my character accountable. Deep roots imply that I am deeply grounded and secure with not only my life in general, but specifically myself, my happiness, and my overall perspective on different areas of life.  Having deep roots means that the negative atmosphere or potential people round me, cannot ruin my happiness. Prior to this creation, I had always doodled around with different leaf drawings while journaling or reflecting on myself/life, so the primary leaf and stem were instantly connected to a deeper part of me. 

I had experimented several times with creating different versions of this motif. The original version I had created using black marker. While I enjoyed how it turned out, I didn’t feel a deeper, unique connection or message behind it. I was reminded of a design that was too similar to patterns I have seen on objects such as notebooks or planners. I finally created a version using ink wash. I loved the result of texture within this and how each stroke was uniquely different.  I chose to vary the sizes to create complexity and I chose to illustrate using ink for a more authentic final product that was overall more intriguing because of the noticeable texture. 

I was extremely happy with the turn out of this motif even in just black and white. However, I did want to add color to portray further representation of a life motto. When doing this, I was most focused on not losing the visual texture I was so proud of creating. I had to play around with this portion of the project for a significant amount of time to get it just right. To not lose the craftsmanship, I had to select small increments of the color range at a time and isolate into different layers. With this, there were several that were extremely close in appearance, so I used this to my advantage to create a high contrast in tones. Additionally, when I was still in the ink wash stage, I purposely varied the saturation of different strokes to create more complexity overall. 

Learning about cultural appropriation through different articles has created an appreciation that I necessarily didn’t have before. I now realize the thought, work, and creation that goes behind different things that I had assumed to be so simple. 

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