The essential objective of this project was to properly display the 6 gestalt principles only using 6 circles or less. The 6 principles were continuity, closure, containment, grouping, repetition, and proximity.

Six Gestalt Principles

What was important about this objective was that each corresponding principle had to be the most prominent principle in that square, regardless of it  potentially representing more than one principle at once.

This was a key test to see how our brains perceive certain elements ranging in unity and variety. While understanding this objective, I wanted to challenge myself by creating two different representations in one square, but simultaneously connecting to another square in the background because I enjoy unexpected surprises like that.

While I was able to a little bit, it did create conflict because then a different element suddenly appeared more prominent in a place where I did not want it to, or more than one square was seen as a whole before the individual square were seen first.

So with this technique of design I had to carefully think out each element. Here is an in progress shot of where I had tried to incorporate this idea.

Something I found beneficial with this was asking others around to look at a square and then report which principle they first saw. This was a good test to ensure I was on the right track.

Idea generation is concept I was not familiar with prior to this project. However, it is now a technique I will be implementing in other areas of my creative work.

I was introduced to this concept through a circle exercise in class. At the beginning I found myself frustrated because I was totally not use to that sort of thinking what so ever. However, after experimenting with this more on my own, I was able to come up with really cool ideas that I honestly would have spent a significant amount of time on before even discovering them. 

One of my biggest struggles in the process of this project was creating the 2-inch squares in a grid. I had finished my first one to then realize it was completely crooked. I ended up having to redo the grid 3 times before I got it right. I had to pay extremely close attention and take even longer, but I was able to finally achieve something that I had assumed to honestly be the easiest part. 

Gestalt Principles by Chloe Janich

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