After months of speculation and extreme hesitation, in March of 2019 I fearfully made the decision to become an Arbonne Independent Consultant.

Looking back a month later, I can single handedly say that the decision to not let fear, self-doubt, or the opinions of others consume me any longer, has been one of the most eye-opening decisions I have ever made. 

Aside from the financial and health benefits of this business… the genuine encouragement in all aspects of life, the friendships, the inspiring and strong women that I am surrounded by, and most impactful for me, the self-growth, is absolutely incredible. All things I never expected to come from simply sharing something I am passionate about. 

From Sponsor to Best Friend, Molly Schultz test drove a Mercedes as she is one promotion away from receiving her FREE one from Arbonne!

Instead of saying “What if this doesn’t work?” I chose to say “What if this DOES work!” I had EVERYTHING to gain, and absolutely nothing to lose.

In just one week I was able to qualify for the 1st of only 4 promotional levels in Arbonne. I finished that qualification in ONE MONTH and became a District Manager.

In just one month, I have had the opportunity to inspire, educate, and wake up every day with a driving passion to give to others what this business has given me – and for that I am forever grateful.